July 14, 2017 Yen Chen

Classic Case_client #1

Customer background: Taiwanese company based in Vietnam. Its annual revenue is more than 10 million USD, and it’s Vietnams largest factory in the field.
Pain point: It’s not easy for traditional manufacturing companies to recruit and cultivate designers without the knowledge of design. The customer had recruited a team of full-time designers before, but none of the designers stay longer than three months.
Collaboration model: Slasify assigns a project manager to resident in Vietnam (at least 15 days a month) to remotely manage all the participating designers from around the world.
Profits: After collaboration, the customer can focus on their own core business. It proves that it’s easier for our customer to obtain orders, and also the successful rate of proposals has been improved: our customer successfully proposed to leading enterprises in household goods industry, beverage industry and daily chemicals industry.
Conservative estimates: raise at least 10% of operating income and increase key customer acquisition capabilities while also increasing product gross margin.
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