August 18, 2017 Yen Chen

Slasify v.s. Flezio- Work wherever you want!

DMPixels - Flyspaces Commercial property leasing industry

Freelancing alone at a low working efficiency? Having a problem in picking up a co-working space? Don’t wanna be stuck by a long-term rent contract? Let’s check out what our partner Frezio offers us!
Slasify’s registered member can rent Flezio’s co-working space at a discount price by day!
Flezio has 26 offices in Singapore, 3 offices in Malaysia, 2 offices in Bangkok and 2 offices in Indonesia, and its continuously building more co-working offices.

About Flezio
Flezio is a Workplace Technology Solution Company that enables businesses to get started on work flexibility. Committed to offering great flexible workspaces to enable and provide a speedy, secure, cost-effective and scalable region-wide flexible workspace infrastructure for every business to enhance productivity through mobility. Flezio aims to be the largest flexible 3rd workspace in the fast-developing economy of the region – a platform choice for business of all sizes.
Wanna rent a co-working space from Flezio? Please visit:
Wanna a discounted and flexible rent? Please contact us:, or go to our website to post your demand: