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Where are you going to be productive this week?
Choose over multiple professional space operators in Singapore provide you both productivity & style.
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A focused environment that helps you being creative, productive, make you feel at home and helps in achieving your goals. Combined with the style fits you to create a stimulating working environment. This is all backed up by a friendly environment, fast internet, coffees & teas.
Also, choose wherever you wanna be to reach or close to your clients.
Starting at 9AM everyday
Suitable for digital nomads and travelers who are looking to use a workspace or conduct meetings for just 1 day or a short period.
SGD 31 ( full day use)
Business hours or until last member
Leaves ( depends on every venue)
Any private desk for the day [1.]
Free on plan sign-up
All inclusive [2.]
Free meeting corners
Bookable conference room
Booking Now
BE FLEXIBLE: Flexi Desks are assigned as per availability and have to be cleared at the end of the day.
STRAIGHT FORWARD + FAIR PRICING: GST, wifi, aircon, scans, security, (access control + keys), coffees, teas, meeting areas and a lot more.
SIMPLE TERMS: No lock-in, cancellation T&Cs apply.
Please note that Slasify Management reserves the right to request for the customer's identification for verification purposes, upon entry of Day Pass.
Please note that all completed and confirmed transactions CAN ONLY BE CANCELLED OR REFUNDED under the circumstances as the T&C mentioned. In addition, please note that there is an transaction fee of 3.4%+SGD0.5 + currency conversion to make cancellation to your booking.
Please note that any changes to your booking can only be made by contacting directly to Slasify Customer service -, at least 24 hours before the date ( working days) you originally booked. This is subject to venue availability of the workspace that you want to change to. Do note that that payment will be deducted if there is a no-show.
Please note that our mailbox operates from Monday to Friday, 9.00am – 6.00pm; excluding public holidays and that all emails will be replied to within one working day.
Other terms & conditions apply, and the Slasify Management reserves to right to change any of terms and conditions without prior notice.