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About Slasify

Who are you?

Slasify, a one-stop global payroll and global employment solution platform for remote workers since 2016. Headquartered in Singapore, we have since established strategic offices around Asia, Oceania and North America. Slasify through its vetted and trusted partners has a global service coverage of 150+ countries and currently has been trusted by hundreds of clients.

Where can I find you?

You can contact us at any time through [email protected] or check our local company information through the "contact us" page

Your team sounds cool, how can I join Slasify?

Our team is cool, so I also hope you are a cool person. First of all, you have to ask yourself:

  1. Do you always think outside the box?
  2. Don’t you like to go to work at a fixed time every day?
  3. Do you like to challenge the fresh and unusual?

If you have the above characteristics, then we welcome you to join our team !

About Remote Work

Rule 1 - Respect each other

Slasify's job board allows you to access more remote job opportunities, but please note that any form of harassment, deception, and discrimination are not allowed. If necessary, Slasify will also provide relevant evidence to cooperate with the judicial authorities Investigation.

How to charge?

Slasify's job board is a free and open vacancy information exchange platform specially created for the remote working environment. We do not charge any fees from job seekers or companies.

How to apply for a job opening?

You must first complete your basic personal information and resume, and make sure you meet the requirements for the position. We strongly recommend that you register with your real name to increase your credibility.

How will HR specialists contact me?

Our platform will send you a notification via Email. Please make sure that this email sent by is not classified as spam.

How to have an interview?

Usually, HR specialists will have a video conference to conduct the first interview. Before the interview you will receive relevant instructions to teach you how to install the software used for the interview.

I was admitted! Whats the next step?

Most employers will choose Slasify to assist in payroll settlement matters. If your employer chooses Slasify as your payroll agency, Slasify and partners will contact you to prepare relevant documents.

Dont worry, Slasify will not intervene in the work interaction between you and your employer, nor will it interfere with any communication between you and your employer. We are only here to help with payroll, social insurances and other compliance matters.

What language should be used to communicate?

As we know, the network has no borders. There is no standard answer to this question. It can be in the language of the project manager, or even with body language! In short, everything is good as long as you can communicate with each other.

About Finance

When will I get the Salary?

Your employer or customer will send you a paycheck in electronic form within the agreed time. You can apply for withdrawal at any time, you can also set up a default account for a specific currency.Theoretically, we can pay the money to the designated account within 2 working days (except for foreign exchange control areas).

What currency can I withdraw my salary to the account?

We support the following withdrawal currencies: AED , ARS , AUD , BGN , BRL , CAD , CHF , CNY , COP , CZK , DKK , EGP , EUR , GBP , GEL , GHS , HKD , HRK , HUF , IDR , ILS , INR , JPY , KRW , MOP , MXN , MYR , NOK , NZD , PLN , PHP , PKR , RON , RUB , SEK , SGD , THB , TWD , TRY , USD , UAH , VND , ZAR.

Will I be deducted for withdrawals?

We are working hard to optimize the cost of financial transactions in each region. In principle, in addition to the cost of foreign exchange transactions we will not deduct other handling fees, but a few areas still need to pay a certain percentage of handling fees. We will also ensure that the collection of these handling fees is open and transparent.

How to calculate the exchange rate of withdrawal?

We will not add any hidden costs to the calculation of the exchange rate. Our exchange rate calculation is based on the mid-market rate of the day plus 0.4%-0.75% as the actual transaction price. Other exchange rate risks will be borne by Slasify. Therefore, you are free to evaluate when the best trading opportunity is.

Do I need to withdraw money every time?

If you have a bank account using the same currency as your paycheck, you can set this account as a "default account", and in the future, paychecks in the same currency will be automatically transferred to your designated bank account. For accounts in different currencies, Slasify will not decide the time of exchange for you without authorization. You can choose the most suitable time for settlement.

A small reminder about money laundering prevention

In order to ensure the rights of all users, preventing anyone from using Slasify to launder money is one of our priorities. We will strictly go by the following principles to provide our services:

  1. Except for the account of the person who signed the labor or labor service contract, we cannot pay the money to any designated third person, no matter what the relationship between that person and you is.
  2. Slasify will request additional personal information from you when necessary to ensure that we comply with the regulatory measures of financial institutions.
  3. We have the right to refuse to pay any payment that is not equivalent to the content of the labor service contract, and we will return the payment to your employer or customer.
  4. If you are a politically exposed person or have been convicted of financial crimes, we have the right to refuse to provide you with services.
  5. We have the right to refuse any remittance to FATF Blacklists countries; for any payment in FATF Greylists countries, we will implement a stricter review mechanism.