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mobilityX is an SMRT and Toyota Tsusho funded startup that seeks to organise urban transport and simplify mobility by providing an integrated Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution to estates, businesses and consumers.

Recruitment Staff
Sandy Lim
Language: English
Job Information
Junior Software Engineer (FullStack)



  • 橫跨FullStack執行開發工作
  • 遵循軟件開發最佳實踐,編寫乾淨可靠的程式碼。例如:SOLID 設計原則
  • 維持程式碼質量及覆蓋範圍需使用TDD/BDD
  • 負責軟件開發和後續支持
  • 需參與程式碼的審查
  • 促進發展以及維持環境
  • 能在跨職能團隊中工作, 並能有能力升任從開發到發布的整個模塊開發週期
  • 能與敏捷團隊緊密合作,並處理涵蓋整個軟件開發生命週期的項目 


  • 應徵者必須具有工程或計算機應用的學士/碩士學位,且至少有4年的編程經驗
  • 有豐富的經驗運用Java者.
  • 有豐富的經驗在後端應用程序開發方面,且能使用Spring/Spring Boot來協助開發.
  • 有原生應用開發經驗,且是運用Java/Swift來開發
  • 具有Spring Cloud Microservices和message queues( E.g RabbitMq) 的經驗
  • 具有SQLite/PostGRE/ElasticSearch 的經驗
  • 具有TDD的開發經驗
  • 具有設計和構建大型應用程序的經驗
  • 具有AWS服務和工具的經驗
  • 對REST API設計原則有深入了解
  • 編寫單元測試,功能測試,負載測試和端到端測試
  • 具有設計和編碼,且可伸縮微服務的經驗
  • 具有AWS/GCP的工作經驗.
  • 具有 Nodejs 的經驗
  • 具有PHP的經驗
  • 具有使用Reactjs進行Web App開發的經驗
  • 具有Magento的經驗


  • Perform development work across FullStack.
  • Write clean and reliable codes while following software development best practices like SOLID design principles.
  • Maintain code quality and coverage using TDD/BDD
  • Responsible for software development and subsequently support.
  • Participate in code reviews.
  • Enhance development and maintenance environment.
  • Work in a cross-functional team, and own the full development cycle of your modules, from development till release.
  • Work closely in an Agile team on projects that covers the entire software development life-cycle.


  • Bachelor/Masters degree in engineering or computer applications, with a minimum of 4 years of programming experience.
  • Extensive experience with Java.
  • Extensive experience with backend application development, using Spring/Spring Boot.
  • Experience with Native App development, using either Java/Swift.
  • Experience with Spring Cloud Microservices and message queues like RabbitMq.
  • Experience with SQLite/PostGRE/ElasticSearch
  • Experience with TDD development
  • Experience in design and building large scale applications.
  • Experience with AWS services and tools
  • In-depth knowledge of REST API design principles.
  • Write unit, functional, load and end-to-end tests
  • Experience in designing and coding scalable Microservices.

Extra Skills (Good to have):

  • Experience working on AWS/GCP
  • Experience with Nodejs.
  • Experience with PHP.
  • Experience with Web App development, using Reactjs.
  • Experience with Magento.

Work Type
Pay by Month - USD $1,700 ~ 1,600
Preferred Job Type
Either On-Site or Remote
Expected Admission Quota
1 ~ 3 person