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Everything You Need to Make Your Project Successful

Tailor-made strategy/ Double-P Mechanism
Great ideas need more than just luck. And getting them off the ground can be a daunting task.
Let us match you with experts tailored to your needs, and especially, the dynamic team built up and managed by Project Manager & Professionals (Double-P Mechanism) - saving you time, money and ensuring you have the greatest chance of success.
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Strong Support with Experts Resource and Potential Talents

We let you easy to access to various experts and talents in all fields and regions in one click.
We let you easy to access to various experts and talents in all fields and regions in one click.
10,000+ freelancers around the world
Over 1,000 experts ready to help
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Clear Solutions for Your Business
Project Management
Monitor PM’s every status and schedule for your projects, access Inbox email and direct Message, right from your Console.
All transactions will be BlockChain-ed, so are Credit Evaluation Mechanism, and it improves the reliability of the parties. Secure payment for both parties and offer advance project protection, including the option to add on Project Insurance.
Automatically carry out the match of candidate PM and within 24 hours, the needs of project will be identified. Boost up performance of virtual teams via the integration of the third-party.
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slasify eagle

For overseas essential service

A One-stop shop to start growing
your business in new markets anywhere.
Slasify Eagle carries your business to land on your expanded markets
The spirit of lunar module Eagle
The Apollo 11 Lunar Module (LM) "Eagle" was the first crewed vehicle to land on the Moon. It carried two most famous astronauts, Commander Neil A. Armstrong and LM pilot Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr., the first men to walk on the Moon. Slasify would like to copy this spirit of L-M Eagle to carry your business to land on where you want successfully.
Incorporate a new company in Singapore
One-stop Accounting Solution for Your Business Brought to you by our premium service provider SOAS
You can incorporate your new company in Singapore ONLINE and there are opportunities to open a bank account through the Internet interview! Cross-border transaction, international third-party payments, digital contracts, and more comprehensive IP management etc.. These things are not so far away from you.
With our Slasify monthly enabled plans, you can enjoy the accounting support, document scanning and storage, annual tax returns and other basic business services. You can reduce the initial mobile costs by  managing your company remotely.
The price is completely transparent, and Slasify will provide free consultation service, so why not give it a try?
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Expanding Russian market Localisation Services
Not familiar with Russias various laws and regulations
Do not understand the language, local customs, poor communication?
Do not understand the market demand, do not know how to expand business?
RUTVAN, our Russian localised enterprise service provider
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The Freelance Economy is On a Rise

The future of freelancing: Slasify offers a new-gen working way.
We all want to avoid boring or repetitive working routines.
With Slasify, a working experience is more personal, more fun, and more encouraging.
Fostering and building a community, with an easy way in which to find and connect with talents around the globe and providing you with the tools and resources to collaborate.
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No More Hassles and Get The Job Done

Project Manager & Professionals ( Double-P) Mechanism will face the customer directly, so you don’t need to worry to face customers anymore-let professionals do their work without interference.
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Invite-Only Registration Because We Only Want The Best

We review people who apply for our members carefully and only selected people will be in our talent database. It doesn’t only makes sure we know our talents well and our talents will be taken good care of, but our clients deserve the best experience.
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